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These quality native bags made by hand from dried leaves not just used as bags but now become a fashion. By the unique designs made creatively from organic materials makes it export qualified. Why most Filipinos use it because of its affordability. The makers made it from what are abundant around which are Abaca, bacbac, karagumoy, sabutan, romblon and tikog that makes it inexpensive. Aside from that, it is being promoted as environment-friendly products that can help not just the makers but the nature as a replacement from those plastic bags.

Check out these beautiful and natural colors and embrace your native side. Contact us ahead of time if want it to be more personalized or if you’re planning to give one as a “pasalubong” for someone abroad. We also have ready-made bags for souvenir after visiting Legazpi. And for entrepreneurs, we are accepting bulk orders just visit us and we are ready to serve you.


Look into native home materials with these beautifully designed native baskets made from Abaca, bacbac, karagumoy, sabutan, romblon and tikog. These affordable baskets have different uses that can be a container at the same time as a décor. Most Filipinos use these native baskets as a replacement for plastic wares at home.It can also be used in all occasions in catering companies, fiestas or any simple occasions because it’s light weight, not fragile, high quality, and easily kept after for another use.

Visit us for more of the products you will surely need for “pasalubong” or a souvenir after a trip from Legazpi. We are also ready for wholesale orders from entrepreneurs. Just contact us in advance and we are happy to work for you. We are promoting a less plastic usage for nature purposes by using these native baskets. Buy now and choose local products that can help local people for our local success.


Love these native artistic decorations for home, church, garden or any areas. These can also be used in parties for a native but classy theme. Most interior designers choose this kind of decors because of its availability and inexpensiveness, durable, and made especially by bare creative hands. We can create a design of your choice or make it personalized. You can bring one as a “pasalubong” or souvenir after exploring Legazpi or for someone abroad with native taste.

As Albay encourages people to avoid using plastic, these decorations made from Abaca, bacbac, karagumoy, sabutan, romblon and tikog will surely help not just Albay province but the world. With our export quality hand-made products you can have plus its uniqueness and availability.

Bring back the custom with these native decors that you can also spread if you want bulk orders for retail. Visit or call us now for more of the details.



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About Us

ALESHA’s HANDICRAFT is a business firm engaged in the manufacturing of high quality but affordable handicrafts in Albay.

Our humble business started in 1995 by Mercilie B. Ocampo as a Sole Proprietorship. Would you believe we started as a small store? It’s true. Way back before we were called Edcel Handicraft. Located at the heart of Bicol, Legazpi City, our business has been well-known for creating Bicol’s finest handicrafts. Our designs have been inspired by the beauty of Mt. Mayon and it has been attracting attentions worldwide.

Our handicraft products have made quite a reputation across the nation, making it the most famous abaca products in Bicol. Therefore, tourists and foreign entrepreneurs just can’t get enough of our product and have made us exporting products abroad as the perfect souvenirs or “pasalubong”.

From native bags, native baskets, to native decorations, we assure you that we can give you the best handicrafts that matches your need. We can also make the best give away in your wedding, birthdays, and many more different occasions. We are your one stop shop for Bicol’s finest quality made handicrafts.